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This is a selection of my photographs, plus a few by others.

Layout The pictures on this web site are arranged in the form of a gallery divided into separate rooms, where the images in each room have a common theme.

The home page shows the principal rooms, with samples of the images to be seen in each room. Similarly, the archive page contains earlier sets of images, the years page contains images grouped by year and the family page contains family album images (mostly historic).

On entering a room (by clicking on its name or the sample pictures), a full set of titles and thumbnails is shown - if the image is a video then the duration is shown in blue. Clicking on one of the thumbnails or titles brings up the actual image, scaled automatically to match the browser window size. Some images have a description that you can see by "hovering" over the image's title or thumbnail.

A slide show can be started by clicking on the screen icon when looking at an individual image or a room list. This shows each image in the room at a fixed interval of 8 seconds. Simply click on the image to stop the slide show.

There is a full catalogue of all the pictures on display in the gallery, sorted in index number order.

A simple search facility is also provided, allowing you to find an image by words in its title, technical data or internal keywords.

Like a real gallery, the content changes from time to time, with pictures coming and going and various rearrangements taking place. Old links are not preserved, which means that any bookmarks you make may not work in future.

Note that both the search facility and slide shows need JavaScript enabled.

Navigation You can move through the gallery using the icons at the top right of each page. These are very simple to use, but, for the record:

  left or right move forward or backward through the images in a room (or through the rooms in the gallery)
  double left or right move to the first or last images in a room (or to the first or last rooms in the gallery)
up move up a level, for example from an image display to the room that contains it
home move to the gallery home page
plus (for some pictures) download a full-size image
screen start a slide show
list go to the catalogue page
magnifying glass go to the search page
i go to the information page (here)
a go to the gallery archives
year go to the Year rooms
people go to the Family rooms
star go to a "New"page showing images that have recently been added to the gallery
question mark (for some pictures) pop up some extra information about the image

Statistics I hope that the pictures in this gallery are appreciated as seen, but this digital age means that we can carry out all sorts of analyses on our photographs. I have provided some graphs based on image data to show the relative usage of apertures, focal lengths and so on, although I have drawn no conclusions from them. See the statistics page if this is of interest.

Viewing Conditions As with other photographic sites, the images in this gallery are best viewed on a good screen in favourable conditions. Ideally your monitor should be calibrated, but it's probably OK if you can see all 16 rectangles in the strip below as distinct shades of grey.

Web Site The slide show facility uses JonDesign's Smooth SlideShow Library and support for swiping from image to image is based on a demo by Eike Send using jQuery. All other web site design and implementation is my own.

Stephen Bishop   25 July 2020

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