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This page provides some technical analysis of the pictures in the gallery. It is based on information extracted from 4261 images, which should represent a valid sample.
Focal Length The graph below shows the number of times that lenses of different focal lengths (or, in many cases, zoom settings) have been used for images in the gallery.

The values used are the equivalents for a 35mm film frame rather than the actual focal length, and are converted to the nearest “classic” lens length. Images without focal length information have been ignored.

Focal Length Plot

ISO This plot shows how different ISO sensitivity settings (or film speeds) have been used:

ISO Plot

Shutter Speed Shutter speed, using the nearest full stop:

Shutter Speed Plot

Aperture Aperture, at one stop intervals:

Aperture Plot

EV Exposure value, as deduced from the recorded aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Note that typical EVs are 15 for bright sunlight, 12 for heavy overcast, 8 for bright street scenes and 6 for artificial light in homes:

Exposure Value Plot

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